BJJ Tots at home training #1. "Follow-along" BJJ Tots Training Video #1 - is geared for our BJJ Tots, but can be used by students of all ages, to get a 30 minutes training session done at home! LET'S FOCUS ON BJJ TOTS KIDS TRAINING, OFF THE MATS Let's keep our "little people"...

Watch “The 10 Most Successful Careers After Leaving The UFC” on Nice to see UFC fighters thriving after leaving the organization.

Watch “Joe Rogan Breaksdown Jon Jones vs. Dominick Reyes w/Rashad Evans” When cool heads prevail and the liquor is gone the proper rational comes out!!

Watch “UFC 247 Countdown: Jones vs Reyes” on Who you got people. Will there be an upset??

Watch “FULL FIGHT UNLOCKED: Roger Gracie vs Michal Pasternak” on Jiu Jitsu is not just ground fighting. Be prepared to strike if need be. See you every Thursday at 7pm to practice.

Which Martial Art Black Belt Takes the Longest Time to Achieve?

From Discover on Google Very good information to put the belt achievement timeline into perspective

Watch “Train for Life: Caio Terra’s BJJ Journey” on YouTube I hope people get the message!!! This journey can get all tangled up into individual needs but it's more than that!!! Stop expecting and deflecting, you are not in control of the journey!!! I hope you get the message!


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