Women’s Kickboxing Bootcamp

Women’s Kickboxing Bootcamp

Are you looking for a change to your regular fitness routine?

Just starting to become active after a long fitness break or have never worked out?

Need to lose some baby bulge?

Want to challenge your current fitness level?

Want to Lose inches, reduce your body fat, tone up, or simply become more physically fit and healthy?

Our Women’s only KICK-BOXING Fitness program is designed to meet all of your fitness goals. Our program is a mix of kick-boxing (focusing on striking form, using heavy bags, pad work and boxing drills). It incorporates High Intensity Interval (HIIT), Strength and Circuit Training (aka Boot Camp), and topped off with Cardio, Core, & Flexibility conditioning.

All classes are set in a women’s only group setting, at our MMA/boxing gym facility. Classes are specially designed for your Body, Mind, & Spirit … we will keep you challenged, focused, and charged with positive energy to motivate you in attaining your fitness goals.

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