I am so proud of all who participated in this Tournament.  Parents you are amazing, you allow your kids to take part in an experience they will undoubtedly carry with them all through life.  I am really proud of you guys.  Thank you for allowing us to work with your beautiful children.  I want our kids to be ready for everything life will throw at them, these are the upcoming leaders, they will take us gracefully into old age.  Thank you for your efforts Shelly, you did a great job planning this event.  Shelly has a beautiful heart and puts real energy into planning and execution of all events.  She spent late nights setting up brackets etc, back-end paper work and promoted this event very well.

Our instructor team got in there Saturday morning and made the final touches which allowed us to start on time and finish before time.  Nice work guys.  I really feel proud to see you guys walk into my school as white belts and evolve to where you are today.  I’m the luckiest Sensei to have you all .

The grappling from our kids is really getting better, I now know that we can push them even more based on there display.  No one knew the striking component was going to be included however, I would not be happy if we did not test their metal in every way.  Next time, we will be applying the self defense competition, that is going to be very interesting to watch.   Lot’s of growth will come from this as it did for me when I was coming up the ranks.  Your not going to want to miss this for sure.

The next Tournament is already being planned for the new year and trust me it’s going to be amazing.  We must get our kids ready for whatever life throws at them and I am happy to do my part.  All instructors are up to the challenge, so let’s do this like no one has done before.